It’s late August.  The nominees have been selected in what has been the longest presidential campaign in American history.  The national party conventions are upon us, and here in Vermont, the three-way gubernatorial race is on.

Exit Voices is coming back online, gearing up for November 4th.  Between now and then we’ll be posting about national and Vermont politics as seen through the lens of the Vermont political blogosphere.

There’s lots to talk about Vermont-blogging-wise.  John Odum and JD Ryan will be travelling to Denver next week as official Vermont bloggers, hanging out with the Vermont delegation on the convention floor of  the Democratic National Convention.  Vermont Daily Briefing blogger, Philip Baruth, will be there too as a delegate for Obama.  And Steve “The Carpetbagger Report” Benen  is leaving his 4 1/2 year-old blog on Friday to write full-time for Washington Monthly’s Political Animal blog. Congratulations, Steve.

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One Response to “The General”

Good to see the Exit Voices blog getting ready to gear up for the 2008 general election.

Just want to let you know about the 2008 Vermont Gubernatorial Race Watch blog (aka Vermont Watch blog: ): An online resource to help citizens of all political stripes to monitor and stay informed about the 2008 Vermont Gubernatorial race. Information for such will come from various attributed sources gleaned online. After the 2008 general election, this blog might eventually evolve to become a Vermont political as well as news watch blog monitoring statewide politics and news from a citizen perspective: i.e., Vermont Watch blog.

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