The Democratic National Convention is being held this week in Denver and a strong contingent of Vermonters are in attendance, many of who will be blogging and videoblogging their way through the event.

Exit Voices even has a correspondent on-site!  J.D. Ryan, a Vermont political blogger for Green Mountain Daily and his own Five Before Chaos blog is in Denver this week carrying around a little video camera that we provided for him.  He’ll be posting snippets of his adventures on a (hopefully) daily basis this week, so stay tuned!

J.D. is hartdly the only Vermont blogger to keep your eyes on though.  Fellow GMD blogger John Odum has his own camera and will be video blogging at the behest of — his first post is up already, so go check it out!  Vermont Daily Briefing’s Philip Baruth is gracing the Burlington Free Press’ website with his own special convention blog, The Deal in Denver.

Christian Avard is in Denver doing some writing for The Huffington Post, and Kevin Kelly will be blogging about his Denver exploits at Seven Days’ staff blog, Blurt.

There’s more too!  Check out this GMD post for a rundown, and keep a browser tab open to Exit Voices for J.D.’s exclusive coverage.  (Did I just write “exclusive coverage?” That’s so cool!)

Of course, The convention is mostly a planned affair and few surprises are expected, but it will be interesting to follow the perspectives of all of these Vermonters who are so deeply committed to politics.

4 Responses to “Convention Week is here!”

Thanks J.D.! We’re really looking forward to your perspective on the convention. The word is Ho Ho hooked the VT’ers up with great seats. Can’t wait to see the video!

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