Here is JD, as captured by the lens of Philip Baruth, last night in Denver [note the tiny Flip video camera in his hands].

Philip writes:

But even J.D. Ryan, noted skeptic and embedded blogger, grudged a half-smile. And for J.D. Ryan, that’s equivalent to an entire Broadway musical. An entire Broadway musical made up entirely of ABBA tunes.

I spied Philip myself very briefly in a crowd shot on MSNBC last night during Michelle Obama’s speech. He appeared to be with fellow Vermonters Madeleine Kunin and Patrick Leahy, but the shot was only on for a 1/2 second, so I can’t be sure it was actually Pat and not some other distinguished-looking bald man in the VT section.

Here are some unedited clips as filed by JD on his first evening at the convention.  His email was apologetic that he didn’t upload more, but he was going on 36 hours without sleep!  Get some sleep, man!

That last one was an interview with Allison from I just wanted to get that link in here — we bloggers have to stick together!

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Are you able to get outside and catch a little of the demos. Fox new did a piece that can’t really be beat for its style, but it would be nice to have more first hand accounts of dissent. - from Vermont.


I actually spent most of yesterday at some of the protests. I sent Bill some more video he has to post, and I’m doing more lengthy films over at Five Before Chaos.

michelle obama deserves to be listed as one of Forbes most influential women-”‘

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